Best Billboard Locations in Chester County

Best Billboard Locations

Are you an advertiser looking to find the best billboard locations? With so many spaces to put potential advertisements, it’s hard to find the one that would reach the most amount of people. In this quick read by Westside Billboards, we’ll be discussing the factors that make for the best billboard locations. 

Whether they’re digital or physical billboards, these factors apply to both, and are guaranteed to help increase the amount of impressions that your advertisements make! So what are a couple of main factors that make the best billboard location? Keep reading below to find out!

Traffic Lights Increase Views

We’ve all been driving somewhere before and ended up stopped at a traffic light for a long time. Chances are you may have adjusted your volume, skipped to a different song, or looked around. When traffic is stopped at a light, this gives you the perfect opportunity to make your mark on a potential customer. When drivers are looking around, they’ll notice your billboard. This is particularly effective when the billboards on corners of intersections, where there are more cars on each side to notice your advertisement. 

Now, what they notice about it is up to you. It’s your job to make a noticeable impression on the potential customer, not just have them glance at the billboard and look away. You want to make it so that your billboard is the first thing they notice when they stop at that red light, and the last thing they notice when they drive away. 

All of these reasons help traffic lights rank as one of the best billboard locations.

Heavy Traffic Means Heavy Impressions

Roadways where this is a heavy amount of traffic also makes for some of the best billboard locations. Whether it is on the highway or a normal street, anywhere that has heavy traffic is guaranteed to increase the amount of impressions that your advertisement will make. 

Roadways with heavy traffic make an especially good billboard location for two main reasons. The first reason is that people will see them while they’re on their way to spend money. The second reason is that since your billboard is located on a busy roadway, more people will see it than if it was located somewhere else. 

For example, let’s say you place a billboard above a highway, near to a popular shopping complex. People are traveling to this complex to spend money anyway, so the more people that your billboard has an impression on increases the chances of them coming to spend money at that particular business. 

This reasoning may seem simple, and that’s because it is. Finding the best billboard location is all about finding a spot where it reaches the biggest audience possible. If your advertisement reaches enough people, some of these people will inevitably take their business to you.

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