Billboard Advertising Services in Exton

Westside’s Billboard Advertising Services

Westside Billboard does not have just any ordinary billboard advertising services in Exton. Located at the intersection of routes 162 and 322, our billboard is seen by hundreds of people every single day. Therefore, your advertisement has the ability to put your business on the map.

Many different businesses use our billboard advertising services in Exton to announce upcoming events, sales, new items available, the types of services you offer, grand openings, and more.

Truly, the possibilities are endless when it comes to advertising. All we want to do is help make you noticeable. That’s why we’re dedicated to ensuring the visibility of your ad from 5 a.m. to 11:50 p.m. during the most active times of the day.

So, not only are we saving electricity, we also only show ads during the prime time of the day for all to see. Whether they are driving by or walking, people take note of our billboard. Interested in learning more? Continue reading!

How Billboard Advertising Services in Exton Help Your Business

With nothing to lose, billboard advertising services in Exton helps your business in many ways.

Among the many reasons includes:

  • Pricing: With a 6-month discount and fair pricing deals, this electronic billboard in Exton is the best around. No need to spend thousands of dollars on a traditional billboard which must be changed every few months.
  • Statistics: Research shows that 82% of people recalled advertisements on digital billboards, while 65% of people consider digital billboards a great way to learn about new businesses in our area. 
  • Time: Running from 5 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. means that your billboard gets at least 3 hours of face out time per day. Facing out in a 30 second cycle allows for us to show multiple ads in a short period of time.
  • Location: As previously stated, we’ve got the prime location for a digital billboard!

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Westside Billboards only wants the best for your business in Exton. If you want to learn more about our deals or how the electronic billboard works, come check out our billboard advertising in services in Exton to see how it can help you.