Digital Billboard Company in Downingtown

Westside’s Digital Billboard Company

Advertising has never been easier than with our digital billboard company in Downingtown. Located nearby at a three way stop light in West Chester, the Downingtown billboard has hundreds of people viewing it every day.

So, whether you want to advertise the grand opening of your clothing boutique, or promote a new menu item at your restaurant, this billboard is the way to go.

Holding up 6 ads at a time on either face side, your ad receives 3 or more hours of screen time throughout the day. As it faces out for 30 seconds at a time, people have the chance to see all the different ads in one go as they wait at the stop light.

To emphasize, instead of seeing a variety of vinyl billboards crowding for space at the intersection, our digital billboard company in Downingtown came up with this solution. Do you want to read more about it?

The Best Use of Digital Billboard in Downingtown

Here’s why our digital billboard works best. As the first and only digital billboard in Downingtown, we can hold up to 12 advertisements total. With 6 on each side, we save space, time, and money.

  • Space: Instead of many billboards, only one is necessary to showcase the ads of all businesses. Moreover, it contributes to nature’s beauty by blending with the infrastructure around it. It doesn’t block anything. 
  • Time: Working with a digital billboard company saves time because we can place ads on the billboard faster than any vinyl or paper placements. Your ad can stay as long as you want. It’s easy to add and remove advertisements electronically.
  • Money: Our prices are fair, and we even design ads if necessary. No need to sign pricey contracts when you can get a 6 month special discount with us.

Overall, Westside’s digital billboard company in Downingtown is the way to go if you want fair prices and ads that help your business. Call us today to learn more.