Digital Billboard Company in Exton

Westside’s Digital Billboard Company

Westside Billboards wants to be your pick for the best digital billboard company in Exton. Are you interested in hearing the numbers? Well, our billboard is located at a three way stoplight, giving drivers ample time to see all of the ads. Holding up to 6 ads, each ad is shown for 30 seconds at a time. 

Additionally, the billboard has two faces. That means more ad space meant just for your company. Your ad receives 3 or more hours of face-out time total. Moreover, different types of people see it throughout the day.

Your ad is seen by commuters in the early morning, shoppers and students in the afternoon, and those returning from going out in the evening. To clarify, your ad reaches a wide variety of audiences who may need your services.

Get Started with Our Digital Billboard Company in Exton

To be sure, anyone can utilize Westside’s digital billboard company in Exton. It’s true that digital ads bring in more customer traffic because it caught their attention.

If your company is:

  • Established- Do you want to remind Exton that you’ve been around since the start? 
  • New- Are you new in town and want to let everyone know?
  • Revamping- Did you recently upgrade your business?
  • Promoting- Do you have a new product or service you want to showcase?

Then, you can benefit from hiring our digital billboard company. All of these reasons deserve a spot on the billboard. Well-established companies need love and attention just the same as new ones. For example, advertise by expressing how long you’ve been in business.

Correspondingly, new businesses are encouraged to advertise their opening on our board. We want to see advertisements for events, shows, companies, and more on the digital billboard.

There are no downsides to advertising with a well-known digital billboard company in Exton. Check us out today to learn more.