Digital Billboard Company in West Chester

West Chester’s Digital Billboard

When you advertise with our digital billboard company in West Chester, you will see the results in your business. Westside Billboards is committed to providing quality client satisfaction when your ad is on our billboard. 

Moreover, our statistics and testimonials show that utilizing a digital billboard company is better for your business. More people remember ads on a digital billboard.

Meaning, more people are likely to check out your business. Stand out more and grab the interest of potential customers when you place your ad here!

Perks of a Ad Placement

Unlike regular billboard companies, our digital billboard company has more perks. Placing your ad on a digital billboard over paper or vinyl means you contribute to being more environmentally friendly.

Why is that?

  • Digital billboards like ours allow up to 6 ads at a time. So, instead of having 6 separate billboards crowding for the same space, you minimize this problem. 
  • Vinyl billboards need to be replaced every month. Often, they are also large and require lights to shine on them during the night. The digital billboard in West Chester is pleasing to look at and doesn’t need lighting to showcase your ad.
  • The billboard runs between 5 am and 11:59 pm. Therefore, during the wee hours when there are hardly any drivers, we turn off the billboard to save electricity and reduce light pollution.

Similarly, your ads can feature anything. For example, do you want to advertise an event you’re hosting? Is there a play happening nearby? Or, do you want to announce your new business? 

By all means, place an ad. There’s nothing that can go wrong, and you will gain attention from your targeted audience. Westside’s digital billboard company in West Chester wants to bring customers to your doorstep.

So, contact us today to receive a quote and get started.