Out-of-Home Advertising: The Most Trusted Advertising Medium


Consumers highly trust out-of-home (OOH) advertising because it is less intrusive than internet pop-up ads or TV commercials. This dynamic medium can transform plain walls into stunning artworks. Utilizing a trusted advertising medium can significantly benefit businesses.

Forms of Out-of-Home Advertising

OOH advertising includes kiosks, point-of-sale displays, stadium signage, bus station posters, convenience store stands, and static billboards. However, digital billboards and other digital displays have become some of the most trusted advertising mediums due to their flexibility and high return on investment. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, large and small marketers leverage digital outdoor technology. After a brief decline during the COVID-19 pandemic, revenue from these digital displays is rising again.

Guidance for Travelers

Digital billboards guide travelers looking for gas stations or places to eat. These visual guides instill a sense of trust and reliability. The information on digital billboards provides comfort by letting travelers know what they need is nearby, either down the road or at the next exit.

Memorable Messaging

Digital outdoor advertising effectively captures consumer attention. Displays with short, catchy phrases and relevant imagery are more memorable and entertaining. By aligning digital ads with current conditions like weather, mealtimes, or events, messages become even more relevant to consumers.

Privacy Concerns

Many Americans are increasingly concerned about their privacy. A 2021 KPMG survey revealed that 86% of Americans are worried about data privacy, and 68% are concerned about data collection by businesses. However, digital outdoor advertising is anonymous. While it collects data on locations and activities, it does not involve unique identifiers. Consumers can trust they are seeing relevant ads without compromising their privacy.

Advertising Effectiveness

A 2020 Nielsen study showed that 62% of consumers noticed an OOH advertisement, with 50% noticing them “all” or “most” of the time. Furthermore, 65% engaged in actions like searching for the advertiser or visiting their website after seeing an OOH ad, and 52% engaged in mobile actions after seeing an OOH ad. These statistics highlight the importance of integrated marketing, where OOH advertising complements other media channels, leading consumers to further research products or services.

LED Billboards and Digital Displays

LED billboards and digital displays are becoming vital marketing tools across all industries. They are effective, trusted, and increasingly popular among consumers and businesses.

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