Electronic Advertising Company in Chester County

Electronic Advertising in Chester County

As a premier electronic advertising company in Chester County, Westside Billboards has the reliability you need to boost your business.

Electronic advertising is different from regular billboard advertising, although you may think they both do the same thing. However, placing your advertisement on an electronic billboard means two things: visibility and remembrance. Our statistics show that advertising on a digital billboard is the perfect way to make you and your business known to the area.


  • 82 percent of people recalled advertising on electronic billboards
  • 65 percent of people consider electronic billboards the perfect way to learn about new businesses in the area

In Chester County, locals and visitors have the opportunity to see your ad whether they are walking, driving, shopping–you name it! Located at the intersection of routes 162 and 322 (or the split of West Strasburg Road and Downingtown Pike,) the billboard is seen by everyone.

Due to the large number of travelers in this area, your billboard can be seen up to 30 seconds at a time per day, with over 6 hours of viewing time total. Drivers have the chance to read and ponder your business’s ad while waiting at the stoplight.

Other Benefits of Electronic Advertising

Our electronic advertising company in Chester County offers more for your business than a regular vinyl billboard.

Truly, we can place more ads on our digital billboard than you may think. It holds up to 6 ads at a time, with each showing for those 30 seconds that allows everyone to view it. Additionally, the billboard is only shown during peak hours of the day from 5 AM until 11:59 PM to uphold city regulations and provide maximum visibility. 

We also offer a 6-month discounted rate! Visit our website to check it out and learn more about our services at Westside Billboards.