Electronic Advertising in West Chester

Westside Offers Electronic Advertising

If you’re searching for electronic advertising in West Chester, then Westside Billboards is right for you.

Located near West Strasburg Road and Downingtown Pike, our billboard stands tall and proud for all to see as they enter and exit West Chester.

Indeed, with hundreds of computers driving to work, school, and all around, the billboard’s ads reach a wide range of people who need your products or services.

Many people may claim that billboards don’t “work” anymore, but our electronic advertising company proves otherwise. While traditional billboard advertising only holds up to two ads at a time, electronic advertising can hold multiple ads at a time for everyone to view.

Westside only strives to showcase your business in a positive and beneficial way. Our prime location allows for full advertising optimization, and the statistics don’t lie!

Why Your Business Succeeds with Electronic Advertising in West Chester

With Westside Billboards, there are so many reasons why your business succeeds with electronic advertising in West Chester.

With our multiple ad faces, location, and more, it’s no wonder businesses boom when they advertise electronically. Moreover, our statistics and reviews showcase the success:

  • 65 percent of people consider digital advertising a good way to learn about new businesses in the area.
  • One customer review from our site reads “This billboard has allowed my company to have the visibility needed to gain significant market share in the region.” Additionally, the customer stated that their clients remembered seeing their business advertised on the billboard!
  • 82 percent of people recalled seeing advertising on digital billboards, meaning they’re eye-catching and helpful.

The billboard allows for 6 ads on one side at a time, with each ad running for 30 seconds. Therefore, your ads are seen for over 3 hours a day and reach a numerous array of viewers.

Truly, there’s no better way to advertise your company in West Chester than to use Westside Billboards!