Electronic Billboard in Chester County

Chester County’s Electronic Billboard

Advertising on the best electronic billboard in Chester County means advertising with Westside Billboard. Located in West Chester as the first and only electronic billboard, our customers have seen fantastic results when they place an ad with us.

With a prime location where hundreds of people see it per day, the Westside billboard gives businesses the traffic they deserve. Whether you’re a small business or large company, our electronic billboard gives owners the outcomes they desire.

To emphasize, Chester County is one of the most popular counties in Pennsylvania. West Chester is one of its most populated municipalities. Coincidentally, this is where the best electronic billboard in Chester County lives. 

More About Our Billboard

Standing tall between the intersection of route 162 and route 322, the billboard has hundreds of eyes on it each day and night. Coming alive between the prime hours of 5 a.m. through 12 a.m., those who drive to work, school, or come to shop have the chance to see the ads on it.

Claiming up to 6 faces of advertisements, your ad is visible for over 3 hours a day for 30 seconds at a time. This allows for anyone to see it at any point of their daily commutes. That’s enough time to read it at a red light and remember your business for the rest of the day.

 Something attention grabbing is mostly likely to help drivers and passers by see what services you offer. There is no better way to advertise than on an electronic billboard in Chester County.

Preserve Beauty With the Electronic Billboard in Chester County

For example, our company saves space and preserves the beauty of Chester County by holding up to 6 ads on one billboard for months at a time. That means we don’t produce multiple vinyl or paper billboards which block the sky. Our classic design ensures that businesses receive the attention they deserve while keeping the land clean.

Westside Billboard’s electronic billboard in Chester County wants to see your business thrive with us. That’s why we believe in electronic ads over paper or online ones to promote you best!