Electronic Billboard in Exton

Exton’s Electronic Billboard

If you want to promote your business, consider advertising on the electronic billboard in Exton. Designed to catch the eyes of drivers, walkers, public transportation riders, and shoppers, the electronic billboard has made a difference in the lives of numerous business owners.

Of course, Exton is a bustling town filled with businesses of all sizes. This means that thousands of people drive through there everyday for work or to shop. For example, consider Main Street in Exton. Located just outside of West Chester, businesses in Main Street greatly benefit if they advertise on the electronic billboard.

Some of Our Potential Billboard Usages

  • Benari Jewelers- Promote engagement rings, Valentine’s Day necklaces, chains, and more!
  • Snap Pizza- Who doesn’t love pizza? Advertise a new menu option or encourage more takeout options on the weekends.
  • World of Beer- Try out a variety of beers of their flight samples. Customers pair their beer with their meals well.
  • Happy Nails- Everyone needs a nail salon as reliable and calming as Happy Nails. Advertise new colors or specials offered!
  • Radiance MedSpa- Soothe your mind and body by promoting the benefits of signing up for a medspa treatment.
  • Pinot’s Palette- BYO alcohol and food to the painting party.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to advertising. 

Advertising On Our Electronic Billboard in Exton 

Filled with more shops, restaurants, and gyms like these, why wouldn’t you want to advertise on the electronic billboard in Exton? A 30 second ad on a billboard is enough time to intrigue would-be customers since they now know your business exists.

Furthermore, there are plenty of other shops outside of Main Street. For such a busy strip, we want to see even more people interested in the shops that Exton has to offer. With the new apartments being introduced, advertising on the electronic billboard in Exton is a necessary action to take. 

There are no downsides to advertising, especially when it helps your business become more well-known in Exton and its surrounding areas.