Electronic Billboard in West Chester

West Chester’s Electronic Billboard

Are you looking to streamline your company through advertising? Well, Westside Billboards is your answer with our electronic billboard in West Chester.

Standing at the intersection between route 162 and route 322, our billboard has helped numerous companies bring more business to their doorsteps. As the first electronic billboard in West Chester, we’ve seen the growth that is possible with our clients when they choose to utilize our services. 

Electronic billboards are new age and more high tech than regular vinyl or paper billboards. They’re capable of withstanding the weather and are more appealing to the eye.

Indeed, regular billboards tend to overcrowd spaces along roads, but Westside’s electronic billboard in West Chester complements the area surrounding it. Not only do you receive more business, but you also contribute to keeping West Chester beautiful.

Why Does Our Billboard Work Well for Your Company?

  • The Westside Billboard is located at a busy intersection where hundreds of people see it everyday and night. There is no shortage of viewers.
  • Promotion of new or existing businesses catches drivers’ attention.
  • Promote of an event leads to higher attendance rates.

Meaning, drivers who commute to work see your ad everyday. It gets them thinking about the displays and keeps their attention. At long stoplights, electronic billboards are a perfect distraction for a few seconds. 

Moreover, electronic billboards save time and money for users. Ads are displayed for 30 seconds at a time, with a total showing time of 3 hours. We allocate 6 ads per cycle to make sure each advertisement receives lots of attention.

Vinyl and paper billboards exist for about one month before being changed. They may be prone to damage and require constant maintenance to keep it looking nice. Not enough lighting? Bulb goes out? Then, it needs immediate replacement so your company doesn’t lose views.

These are just a few reasons why investing in our electronic billboard in West Chester is a smart choice. Overall, we want to see your company thrive!